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Karen Edwards

100% Recyclable eco grass™ Made in the USA Now Available
For Decorating, Crafts, Egg Hunts, and Gifting
eco grass™ and eco eggs® Provide an Eco-Friendly Easter

(Minneapolis, MN) February 12, 2013 – eco eggs, an environmentally-friendly division of Maud Borup, Inc., a 106-year-old candy and food gift company, today announced the release of eco grass, 100% recycled paper Easter grass that is 100% recyclable after use to minimize impact on the environment.

eco grass is made in the USA and is available in three vibrant colors for Spring - green, pink, and yellow. eco grass is packaged in 1.25 ounce bags and can be reused each year or recycled after use. "Traditional Easter eggs and grass generate tons of emissions and landfill waste. eco eggs and eco grass can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and reduce landfill waste," comments Christine Lantinen, president of eco eggs. "Finally there is a renewable alternative made in the USA that is safe for kids and better for the planet."

eco grass is ideal for decorating, crafts, egg hunts, or as filler for gift bags year-round. It is a perfect complement to eco eggs because together they address environmental issues associated with petroleum-based plastics and other environmental contaminants.

"As a mom, I am concerned about all the toxic products our children encounter every day as well as the harmful effects on the environment. After learning about plant-based, BPA-free eco eggs, I am excited about eco grass," said Sharon Eroh, mom concerned with purity, safety, and eco-friendliness." Eroh continues, "Being made in the USA is a huge plus and very important to me."

eco grass and eco eggs can be purchased online at or at retail. Wholesale prices are available by contacting eco eggs direct at 866-678-6283, x707.

About eco eggs®

eco eggs is a green, environmentally-friendly division of Maud Borup, a Minnesota-based wholesale chocolate company specializing in gourmet food gifts. eco eggs is committed to making, distributing, and selling quality and safe plastic Easter eggs and Easter grass as well as other recycled paper products that reduce toxins and harmful emissions promoting positive global environmental impact. eco eggs was founded on business practices that respect employees, the environment, and the earth.

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