About Us


Seeing the need for more sustainable, USA-made product, owner of a century-old USA candy company and mother of two, Christine Lantinen, gathered a crack team of researchers to develop an environmentally-friendly Easter egg made in the United States. "We saw an opportunity to make a difference and are proud to bring the business home," she said.

Plastic Easter eggs were made in the USA until about 30 years ago when most of the production was moved overseas. Today costs in China continue to rise making it cost competitive for us to produce the eggs locally.

eco eggs® are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic. BPA-free and non-toxic, eco eggs have a secure-snapping closure for hiding candy, snack packs, and other fun surprises. 

eco grass®, also made in the USA, is a great complement to eco eggs. Made from 100% recycled paper that is 100% recyclable, eco grass uses natural dyes and comes in 3 vibrant colors for basket filling.  Keep and reuse eco eggs and eco grass for future seasons!


Product Mission: To make, distribute, and sell safe, quality products that make a difference. To provide an indulgent and "feel good" experience for the consumer. To promote business practices that respect the earth and environment.

Economic Mission: To operate the company effectively & efficiently with a continued focus on efficiencies in production, consolidation, and future opportunities for development to further position us as a cost-conscious supplier.

Social Mission: To provide our customers a high level of service through industry awareness, innovative product development, and focus on our customer's goals. To give back to the community. To care for our environment. To respect individuals in and outside the company. To love what we do.