How to Make an Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

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Christine LantinenExclusive interview with Valor veteran, Christine Lantinen, about her life in the U.S. Army and as a businesswoman

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Women in BusinessWomen in Business 2013 – Christine Lantinen
Over the past seven years, Christine Lantinen acquired a business, flipped its business model and launched a new startup. In 2006, Lantinen bought candy retailer Maud Borup Inc. and soon identified...

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Recognized as one of Plymouth, Minnesota's 2012 Environmental Champions

Holiday Waste Challenge

Trash cans and recycling bins usually bulge after major holidays. Wrappings, decorations and other holiday merchandise get tossed when the festivities are over. Plymouth resident Christine Lantinen, who bought the venerable Maud Borup candy company six years ago, accepted a challenge to change some of that.

One of Lantinen's buyers urged her to find a way to produce locally-sourced, biodegradable and reusable plastic Easter eggs. Lantinen accepted the challenge, and that was the genesis of eco eggs®. They combine all of the above in bright, spring colors, ready to be filled (and re-filled) with candy for annual Easter egg hunts.

Lantinen will add candy-colored, shredded recycled paper "grass" to next spring's offerings. She sees a myriad of opportunities to introduce local, low-waste items for holiday celebrations. Her resourcefulness just may help trim back some of that post-holiday trash.(read the article)

CBS News Goes Eco For Easter

wcco eco eggsIt's hard to find a plastic Easter egg made in the US, but it was even harder finding one that's eco-friendly. That's because there wasn't an eco-friendly plastic Easter egg anywhere until eco eggs®. eco eggsare the first 100% renewable, compostable plastic Easter eggs made in the USA from plants instead of petroleum. eco grass is made from 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable! CBS news anchors, Matt Brickman & Natalie Kane, show their support for an eco-friendly Easter by wearing eco grass & eco eggs on-air! Holding boxes of eco eggs are Christine Lantinen and Karen Edwards from eco eggs, a division of Maud Borup, Inc.


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It's that time of year! Easter is here! WooHoo! And, while I like to keep Easter about what it should be about - the Resurrection - I still like to do some fun things for my kids during spring time. And what is more fun than an Egg Hunt! But did you know that each year petroleum-based plastic eggs put thousands of tons of toxic emissions & landfill waste into the environment? Thankfully, a Minnesota woman has come up with a better egg - Eco Eggs!!!

eco eggs:
are 100% renewable plastic Easter eggs made from corn & plants- NO petroleum
are the ONLY compostable plastic egg recognized by the US Patent & Trademark Office
are Larger than standard plastic eggs, 3"x2.25", to fit fun size candy, toys, or certificates
can be reused each year or are fully compostable after use
use less energy use & emission waste in production
have a secure-snapping closure that minimizes separation
are non-toxic & durable
are made in USA
are safe for kids & the environment

I love the great colors these eggs come in!!! And I love that they are larger than typical plastic eggs! That makes it easier to hide surprises in them! And the snapping closure makes it less worrisome to hide the eggs! - No more worrying about them coming open in the yard!!!

This coming week (after Easter) I'm having a special mama-daughter day with my toddler. (Since the new baby arrived, I try to do this whenever I can so that our oldest still feels special.) We are going to watch movies, have snacks, do puzzles and crafts, and HAVE AN EGG HUNT!!! I've hidden all sorts of goodies in her eggs - chocolate eggs, rolls of Smarties, and even a fun "Spring-y" bracelet! The larger size and vibrant colors will make it easier for her to find the eggs. Its gonna be so much fun!

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